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Whether you prefer ebooks or traditional paper books is usually down to personal preference but both have their own advantages. Many people like the physical feeling of reading a paper book and there is no need to use a special device or worry about whether it will run out of power. On the other hand, you can keep an entire reference library of ebooks on a phone or ereader, meaning you can take your collection with you anywhere you want. For many people, the ideal solution would be to have their books in both paper and ebook editions. However, the cost of buying the same book twice puts people off – far better to spend the money on another book!

Digital Reinforcements is Shilka Publishing’s answer to this problem. Every Shilka paper book now has a coupon code in the back, allowing you to download the digital version for free. Simply enter your coupon code at the checkout on the Shilka website and you can download the ebook version for no additional charge. This means you really can have the best of both worlds and enjoy the advantages of reading your Shilka books in both digital and paper formats.

The free ebook can be downloaded in several formats, so it can be read easily on any device: Mobi (for Kindle devices & apps), ePub (for other ereaders & ereader apps), and PDF (for reading on a computer). Ereader apps are available for all computers, tablets and smartphones.

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To get your free ebook, enter the code given in the paper book.


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